About AllergiStop

What is AllergiStop?

AllergiStop is an all-natural European homeopathic formula designed to provide natural allergy relief. It was created and formulated to focus on the cause instead of the symptoms. It uses only registered and approved homeopathic formulations. <read more about homeopathics>Natural Allergy Medication AllergiStop

What does this mean?

  • It can’t hurt you.
  • There are no side effects.
  • It works with your system instead of against it.
  • You get results; four out of five people who use AllergiStop report that their symptoms are gone.  Not covered over but gone!

All of the ingredients are natural extracts from plants that are guaranteed to be free of imperfections or contaminants.

Ingredients Amount AllergiStop is taken orally as drops three times a day.Click here for detailed Directions
Cuprum Metallicum 30X
Galphimia GlaucaUS Library of Medicine 30X
Luffa OperculataWeb Md info 30X
AA, Q.S., Benzoic Acid, Alc. Max. 20 %
The carrier is primarily purified water, AA means equal parts of each remedy, QS is quantum satis. Alc means alcohol and max 20 %, Benzoic Acid is a food preservative used worldwide in a lot of food and drink


How does it work?
AllergiStop is a homeopathic, natural allergy medication, which means that it works to help the body reset the immune system and to stop fighting normal substances that it has recognized as harmful agents.  There are many theories on how homeopathy works see natural allergy relief homeopathy page for more information.

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People often say that allergies have many different causes, but we don’t believe that. Instead, we are convinced that although allergies evidence themselves in many different ways, they only have one cause. When you address this single cause, the allergies cease. This is what AllergiStop does.

Our theory is that allergies are the result of a code error in the DNA. This code error propagates through the system and results in an allergic reaction. Scientists are now confirming this and other theories related to DNA and Allergies. see: Journal of Molecular Biology and Journal of Biological Chemistry.

AllergiStop works to correct this code error, and as a result the body no longer reacts, so allergy symptoms are eliminated.


Read about the history of AllergiStop.

You now have a choice. Live with allergies or don’t. Get AllergiStop Today.



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