15 worst cities for spring allergies

Allergies seem to be getting worse.  Dr. Cliff Bassett, fellow with the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of

America said that “Allergists are seeing people in the late winter and early spring.  We’re talking about more pollen and it’s super-charged.

Each pollen grain seems to be more potent and powerful.”   Each year the the Asthma and Allergy Association puts out a list of the worst allergy cities in the US.

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Don’t get stung Bee honey and bee pollen natural allergy remedies

bee honey natural allergy remedyMaybe you’ve heard that bee pollen and bee honey can be used as a natural allergy remedy. Is it true? Do bees create a natural allergy remedy that can be used to get allergy relief? The answer depends a little on how much you want to rely on scientific studies or on anecdotal evidence.


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Can I get seasonal allergy relief?

allergy relief and sneezing

  • Seasonal allergy relief?

  • Do seasonal allergies really exist?

  • Is there really a season for allergies?

We are certainly led to believe this.  No matter where you are at in the country,  you are being exposed to a plethora of allergy commercials that claim allergy season is upon us.  They tell us, “buy our drug and you will get allergy relief for 12 hrs.  Don’t worry about curing your allergies, it is just the allergy season.  But, buy our drug and you will get allergy relief for a little while.  Then buy our drug again.”

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Dealing with Seasonal Allergies in the Meantime

Seasonal Allergy relief

Seasonal Allergies are Here!

Allergy season has already started in some southern states, and it looks like it will be a long one. Instead of putting up with the inconvenient and unpleasant symptoms of allergies, make a change and start AllergiStop. While you are waiting for AllergiStop to arrive and start working for you, here are some tips to help you deal with seasonal allergies.

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Pet Owners with Pet Allergies

Woman with dogs

Enjoy your pets fully by being allergy free with AllergiStop.

Approximately 25% of people in the US with pet allergies have pets of their own. We all love our furry companions and the entertainment and friendship they bring into our lives, but having pets when you also have allergies is not recommended. Dealing with the symptoms and keeping your home as clean as possible can be difficult, but if you are continually exposed to allergens you are at very high risk of developing asthma.

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