Can I get seasonal allergy relief?

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  • Seasonal allergy relief?

  • Do seasonal allergies really exist?

  • Is there really a season for allergies?

We are certainly led to believe this.  No matter where you are at in the country,  you are being exposed to a plethora of allergy commercials that claim allergy season is upon us.  They tell us, “buy our drug and you will get allergy relief for 12 hrs.  Don’t worry about curing your allergies, it is just the allergy season.  But, buy our drug and you will get allergy relief for a little while.  Then buy our drug again.”

What these advertisements presume is that if you are not in allergy season, allergies are not a problem.  But ask dog, cat, nickle, dust, perfume, food allergy suffers if they deal only with allergies for only part of the year.    The idea of an allergy season is really just a commercial technique that is used to get us to buy allergy medications in the “season”.

It is well documented that allergies are the result of the body overreacting to some stimulus that would otherwise be ignored.  National Institute on Health on allergies.  An allergy attack is often the result of the body reacting to one allergen, then another and the cumulative effect of all of these allergens is a full blown allergy attack.

Allergy season is just more allergens in the air than normal.  So why do some experience allergy attacks while others seem to be immune?  Because those that are suffering are actually experiencing low grade symptoms during the whole year.  You will find that most people that suffer from allergies during “allergy season” also tend to get more colds and flues in other parts of the year.   Why is this?

Because the allergies have not gone away in the “off season”.  The immune system is still combating the perceived attacks of  normal airborne particles.  The symptoms are just not strong enough to be called or recognized as an allergy attack.

As long as we believe that allergies are caused by a season we will be reluctant to believe that allergies can be cured.

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