Cold Weather Allergies

When many people think of allergies, their mind might automatically think of spring and summer seasons complete with blooming flowers and pollen. You may not realize it but winter can be one of the worst allergy seasons for some, even when the plants aren’t green and when there isn’t much pollen floating around.   Winter is the a great time to think about trying a natural allergy medication to help relieve your allergies.

Winter is the perfect time to go inside and cozy up in your home, but indoor allergies can creep up on you, making them seemingly impossible to get away from. The most common indoor allergens can include dust mites, pet dander and mold.

  • If necessary, keep pets out of the rooms you may occupy the most to avoid pet dander.
  • Wash your sheets in hot water and make sure to dust and vacuum to reduce dust mites throughout your home.
  • Regularly clean damp areas like underneath sinks, showers, refrigerators and other areas that may be susceptible to mold to avoid mold allergy triggers.

Although being out in the cold weather doesn’t directly affect your allergies, breathing in cold air can give you almost the same symptoms you might get as if you were experiencing regular allergies.

  • If you’re susceptible to allergies, wear a scarf or something for cover to avoid experiencing allergy symptoms and nasal congestion.
  • Even during the winter in Florida there can still be pollen, so it might also be best to take a natural allergy medication to help relieve allergy symptoms. Warmer Florida winters can also give a jumpstart to Spring, resulting in earlier blooms.

Believe it or not, snow can create mold problems in your yard resulting in allergy symptoms. Snow mold occurs when there is snow covering the ground that is not completely frozen, allowing mold to grow, similar to mold growth under leaf piles.

  • Lawn treatments that promote growth too late in fall can increase the chances of snow mold growth.
  • Clean up leaves before winter to avoid more mold growth in your lawn

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