Dealing with Seasonal Allergies in the Meantime

Seasonal Allergy relief

Seasonal Allergies are Here!

Allergy season has already started in some southern states, and it looks like it will be a long one. Instead of putting up with the inconvenient and unpleasant symptoms of allergies, make a change and start AllergiStop. While you are waiting for AllergiStop to arrive and start working for you, here are some tips to help you deal with seasonal allergies.

Keep an eye on the weather and the pollen count. Wind and low humidity means allergens can spread more freely. Try to limit your time outside between 5 am and 10 am, when pollen is typically at its peak for the day. Staying indoors can help you avoid the worst of it.

When you come home from being outdoors or at work, shower and put on a fresh change of clothes. This will limit the amount of allergens you spread through your home. Also, take your shoes off right away when you step inside. If you want to keep them in your bedroom or in a closet with other clothing, be sure to wipe them down first.

Try to run the air at least once a day. Keeping your filters clean is very important, as they help to clean the air of allergens. It is best to keep windows closed during allergy season to prevent pollen from entering your home, but running the AC for a short while will filter out allergens and circulate the air.

Watery, puffy eyes can get a perk up from using cold compresses or cold creams on the under-eye area to reduce swelling. Take a few minutes to look and feel better.

Take 250 milligrams of the natural supplement quercetin, three times a day. Quercetin is an anti-inflammatory found in foods such as sweet potatoes, red onions, and blueberries, that may help reduce your body’s negative reaction to allergens.

Make sure your spring cleaning includes clogged gutters and getting rid of the dead bugs in porch lights. Decomposing insects are a source of allergens, and decomposing leaves can cause mold.

Vitamin C may act as a natural antihistamine, but also encourages a strong immune system. Take daily vitamins, eat fruits and vegetables, and drink plenty of water to feel your best and ward off illness and allergies.

When you suffer from allergies, it’s difficult to deal with allergy season. The best thing you can do is avoid allergens altogether, which generally means controlling the amount of them in your home, workspace, and car, as you stay inside and away from pollen. This means no morning jog, and letting someone else take the kids or the dog to the park. Avoiding the outdoors can may reduce your suffering from allergies, but limits your enjoyment of your normal daily activities. Using these tips can help make allergy season more bearable, but using AllergiStop can help you put allergy season out of mind altogether.


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