Do Home Allergy Remedies Work?

Allergy Free Woman SmilingThose who suffer from allergies know what it’s like to be constantly in search of an natural allergy medicine that actually works. Many of us turn to alternate solutions and home remedies in hopes that these may help us feel relief. Natural allergy medication that works is hard to come by, but some allergy sufferers have been trying these solutions in hopes that they are one step closer to allergy relief.

Peppermint Tea: Hot tea is one of the most common natural remedies that allergy sufferers turn to. The warm beverage and the combination of herbs and oils acts as a decongestant to help you feel relief. Although it can be a common form of relief, it is not a permanent solution to treating allergies.

Local Honey: Since local honey collected from beehives in the same area you’re being exposed to pollen, eating the honey is supposed to help you build an immunity to the exposure of local pollen and allergens. This is a widely practiced theory, but there is no scientific evidence that this relieves allergies.

Garlic: This spice has been recently been more prevalent in helping cure colds, congestion and hay fever, and has been used globally for years as a healing substance. Garlic is rich in antioxidants, which helps provide relief from environmental toxins. Although it can be helpful to control allergy symptoms, it is not a permanent solution.

Vitamin C: This can be one of the most useful ways to combat allergy symptoms, but doesn’t permanently relieve them. Vitamin C should be consumed as soon as you start feeling symptoms, or before your symptoms are in full effect.

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