Don’t get stung Bee honey and bee pollen natural allergy remedies

bee honey natural allergy remedyMaybe you’ve heard that bee pollen and bee honey can be used as a natural allergy remedy. Is it true? Do bees create a natural allergy remedy that can be used to get allergy relief? The answer depends a little on how much you want to rely on scientific studies or on anecdotal evidence.


Whenever you are considering taking anything for your health or to correct a problem the first thing you should always consider are the side effects. The old saying, “is the cure worse than the cause?” still applies. Careful consideration of adverse side effects is why so many are looking for natural allergy remedies.


What about honey or bee pollen are there any adverse side effects? The Mayo Clinic states that; “honey can contain bacteria that can cause infant botulism, health officials warn that children under 12 months of age whose immune systems haven’t fully developed shouldn’t eat honey at all.”


Ingesting bee pollen can sometimes cause severe allergic reactions. The actual cause of the reaction may not be directly related to the bee pollen. It could be related to how the bee pollen is packaged or stored, as it is susceptible to mold and other bacteria growing on it. The best policy with bee pollen is to make sure it is fresh, comes from a reputable source, and start off slowly. Usually recommended dose is a tablespoon, try half of the recommended dose or less to see how it affects you.


Is it worth the risk? Can taking bee pollen or honey actually act as a natural allergy remedy?


So far, there are no scientific studies that prove conclusively that using bee pollen or bee helps to provide an effective natural allergy remedy. But there is quite a lot of anecdotal evidence and many people have claimed allergy relief.


The theory of how it works is similar to a vaccine. The ingestion of honey or bee pollen introduces antigens that the body responds to by making antibodies. The bodies immune system is essentially trained to effectively remove the allergens that are related to those introduced by the bee pollen/honey. This is why it is essential if you are looking to use bee honey/pollen as a natural allergy remedy, you take only locally produced honey or pollen.


In summary for most people bee honey or bee pollen is harmless, start slow and if you’ve never had problems with eating honey you most likely will have no problems with bee pollen. Just make sure you know and are comfortable with the source. The other thing to remember is for this to work most people report you need to start taking it well in advance of allergy season.


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