Eczema, Asthma, Allergies

We are told by experts that atopic eczema (from greek “ekzeein” = to boil up) has several causes. But in our view, the cause of  eczema doesn’t differ from other allergies or asthma. In fact, most doctors will prescribe medicines that offer relief from eczema, but also are used for allergic relief from other allergies.

get natural allergy relief from pollenWhen you are allergic your immune system fights harmless substances.  An allergic attack is like a chemical war going on inside your body. Histamine is released into the bloodstream because your immune system has a code error. If the reactions takes place in the lungs/airways it will result in asthma. If the reaction takes place in the skin it shows up as eczema.

So roughly: asthma is eczema in the lungs/airways and eczema is asthma in the skin.

Most of the standard prescribed medications put the battle on hold, like putting sleeping gas out over the battle field. When the gas wears off the battle begins again.  What can you do to end the war and get back to normal?

Many people advocate a more natural approach to allergy relief. You can use bee pollen, flushes, or other herbs to help reeducate your immune system. This is the approach that AllergiStop takes. It is an all-natural allergy relief medication, but the big difference with AllergiStop is that it works to end the war, because it goes to the root of the problem and reeducates the body. This is something most medications just can’t do. They focus on suppressing the symptoms, so you can continue to live with your allergies..

We like to say that AllergiStop resets your immune system to distinguish between real and false enemies (allergens). You are not allergic because of a weak immune system, but because your immune system confuses harmless substances with enemies of the body. AllergiStop is designed to help your system get back to normal; it’s as simple as that.



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