Effects of Over the Counter Allergy Medications

Sinus infections can be one of the most aggravating symptoms to manage if you suffer from allergies and asthma. Many over the counter allergy medication users try time and time again to find the right medication for them, but can’t seem to find the remedy. What exactly are the effects of taking over the counter medications? You might want to consider taking a natural allergy medication

Recently, a study has been done that has linked the use of sinus decongestions that rinse nasal passages to microorganisms that can cause life-threatening brain infections. If the water used to treat your sinuses isn’t properly treated, you could be at risk of washing bacteria deep into your sinuses.

Other OTC medications that contain side effects include antihistamines used to manage runny nose, itchy eyes and sneezing. Side effects can cause drowsiness which inhibits your coordination and judgment and also upset stomach and loss of appetite. Decongestants deal with reducing pressure in your sinuses, but have possible side effects such as increased blood pressure, irregular heartbeat and restlessness. Natural allergy remedies have little to no side effects and only need to be taken for a short period of time.

Medicines that are intended to relieve your allergies, should not put you at greater risk or makey you feel worse.  Natural allergy medication is known to make you feel better without the side effects and the downside of constant use of allergy medicines. With no side effects, homeopathic allergy remedies can help relieve allergy symptoms without the harmful side effects of over the counter drugs.

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