Hygiene Hypothesis Debunked?

Even if you haven’t heard of our natural allergy medication, you might have heard about the hygiene hypothesis.  The hygiene hypothesis was proposed in 1989 to explain the correlation of increased allergies within a more cleanly household. It was suggested that people who were not exposed to allergens and bacteria at an earlier age were more susceptible to allergies than those who were. Recent studies are now showing that those presumptions are false and that the evidence does not support the hypothesis.

Researches believe that the hygiene hypothesis is a potentially dangerous assumption because it makes people ignore the repercussions of dirtiness and poor hygiene. Scientists don’t think that allergies and asthma are a consequence to trying to avoid other diseases, and that the hygiene hypothesis simply doesn’t hold up.

A new type of hypothesis is now changing the way we look at allergies and where they come from. The “Old Friends” hypothesis suggests that the lack of allergens that were once around as far back as the stone age. With the rise of allergies and inflammatory diseases, scientists are establishing that we are losing contact with the range and exposure of microbes that had been more diverse in the past. These microbes are fairly harmless but it is difficult to determine which are “old friends.”

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