Is Your Pet Allergy Free?

Pet allergy freeDid you know that ten percent of Americans are allergic to pets or animals?  And that value is around twenty to thirty percent for people that have asthma.  People love animals; and studies have proven that if you have an animal you tend to live longer and are happier.  So it is no wonder that people that suffer from pet allergies look for solutions that would allow them to have an animal without suffering the allergic consequences.

Anyone that suffers from pet allergies has heard recommendations to get a pet that does not produce allergies, “Oh yes get a certain kind of dog or a certain breed of cat, that’s the answer.”  As it turns out this recommendation has recently been proven to be a poor one as a dog or cat that is hypoallergenic just does not exist.  This is from the results of a study just published in the American Journal of Rhinology and Allergy.  

The study concluded that people that owned “non allergenic pets”  ended up living with the  same amount of allergens as people with the common allergy producing varieties.  If you’re tired of living with pet allergies, or would like to own a pet but are afraid of allergies, then try AllergiStop.  Have a look at our testimonials and see how AllergiStop has helped thousands to be free of allergies of all kinds.

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