Pet Owners with Pet Allergies

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Enjoy your pets fully by being allergy free with AllergiStop.

Approximately 25% of people in the US with pet allergies have pets of their own. We all love our furry companions and the entertainment and friendship they bring into our lives, but having pets when you also have allergies is not recommended. Dealing with the symptoms and keeping your home as clean as possible can be difficult, but if you are continually exposed to allergens you are at very high risk of developing asthma.

Perhaps You can’t pet a cat without a reaction, while your friend can brush and hold hers freely. (Check out our Cat Study) Maybe visiting a household with a large number of pets may be a situation out of your reach. So why does this happen? Pet dander is not a substance the body should be defending against, and yet you might experience sneezing, watering eyes, and hives just from petting your cat or dog. Our immune system is supposed to protect us against parasites, germs, and viruses, but sometimes a code error can change this. Instead, particles from your pet are perceived as dangerous enemies to be destroyed, and your body releases histamine into the bloodstream. When this happens, your allergy symptoms will start. When allergies first evidence themselves, it means that your immune system has changed its view on pet particles from “harmless substances that may pass without an alarm” to “dangerous enemies that must be fought”. In reality, there´s nothing dangerous about your pet, other than covering your outfit in hair right before you head out the door, but the problem root of your allergy issue is that your immune system has misunderstood the situation.

So how can you deal with your allergies, while keeping your pets? Keeping vents and filters clean can make a big difference towards reducing airborne allergens, as well cleaning furniture and floors daily, but if physical contact with your pets causes symptoms, then it’s impossible to avoid allergies and enjoy their presence. Instead of re-homing your companion to protect your health, balance your immune system with AllergiStop. Our natural allergy remedy works as the source to set you free from your allergies. Instead of dealing with your symptoms, the best thing to do is change the way your body reacts. Do yourself and your pet a favor and look into AllergiStop today.

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