How much does it cost?

Are  you  one  of  the  45  million  Americans suffering from allergies?

Average cost of treatments for those suffering with allergies in the US.

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Allergies cost the US over $21 billion annually, and the average family that suffers from allergies will spend over $500 per year for each member (Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America).



What about you?  What do allergy meds. cost you each year?

“If I  were to spend just $20.00 per month on average over the whole year on allergy medications and doctor visits that would still be $240.00 per year.”

What does AllergiStop Cost?

“I would want it to cost less than $240”


It does.  AllergiStop cost only $150.00 this is for the full three month treatment.

A single three month treatment is usually all you need to be free of allergies and allergy meds.


“That is still a lot for something I don’t know anything about.”

If you spent $500.00, one time, and it cured your allergies, would that be worth it?

AllergiStop is less than a third of that and you have No Risk! 

  • The only side effects associated with AllergiStop are positive (you don’t get as many colds).
  • And you have a full money back guarantee


AllergiStop can be purchased by the bottle or three at a time.  If you purchase three at a time, you get free shipping.

Ready to be free of allergies? 


No more sniffling, runny nose, coughing, itchy eyes.

 You can be outside again and enjoy it!

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No more pet allergies, no more pollen problems.  Get back to life! Be allergy free with AllergiStop.



Read more about the treatment,

or if your ready to be free of allergies  

Standard allergy medications do not claim to cure allergies, they only claim to ease the symptoms.  Another way you might look at this is that you need to continue buying their product to feel relief.

Never cure, keep taking,  keep paying.








Just think, if you don’t buy AllergiStop in 5 years you will have spent $2500.00!   What else could you do with $2500.00 ?


If you have any questions about AllergiStop Please feel free to contact us.