Study Proves Homeopathy Works

Since 1755 when Homeopathy was first introduced people have been cured of their illnesses and others have called it snake oil or placebo. Two facts:

  1. Homeopathy has continued to flourish and people have continued to be helped by it.
  2. People have continued to call it a placebo effect.

A recent study was done in Denmark that has addressed one of the central problems of providing scientific proof for homeopathy.  Until recently scientist had been unable to prove that the dilution amount that is required for a homeopathic formula has any effect.  The scientific community considered that dilution rates this low could not be measured so how could they possibly have an effect?

The study done by the group in Denmark, see reference,  In a series of 15 independent experiments, they tested different homeopathic dilutions on plants and evaluated them with biocrystallograms and computerized texture analysis.  The results showed clear differences between the two groups with the conclusion that the homeopathic formulas were responsible.

Homeopathy has been used for hundreds of years and has a very positive effect on millions.  Many countries use homeopathy as their first line of defense for health care.  It is easy to see why people have a hard time seeing how it could work when the dilutions are so small, but this study shows that it does work because plants simply can not be affected by placebo.  The study proves what many have known for over 200 years.  The only new information is that they have found a way that the scientific inquiry method can now understand it.

Maybe this should remind us that letting the scientific method be the judge and jury for our health care might not be the best approach.


Baumgartner S, Doesburg P, Scherr C, Andersen J.-O.(2012) Development of a Biocrystallisation Assay for Examining Effects of Homeopathic Preparations Using Cress Seedlings. Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Article ID 125945, doi:10.1155/2012/125945 [PubMed ]

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