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I’ve   had   allergies   for   most   of   my   life…

jeffWhen I was young, I suffered like many children from allergies. My allergies were not debilitating…I was still able to cut lawns and spend time with my friends, but I suffered more than most of them.

My allergy symptoms were the common ones: itching, watery eyes, sniffling, coughing, sneezing, and a scratchy throat. Every once in a while, they would become severe enough to keep me inside or would force me to take enough medicine to be knocked out. I can not say for sure, but I do believe that my allergies were directly related to the bouts of bronchitis I would suffer during summer and winter months. My parents never took me to the doctor for the allergies, but I was seen for the bronchitis.

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Proof for an Natural Allergy Medication Treatment

Original article in Danish Newspaper

Original article in Danish Newspaper

Translated article appeared in by Nils Mulvand Jyllands-Posten 2002

Susan Jakobsen worked in a pharmaceutical company as a lab technician. While working there she had three children. As each of the children grew they each developed different types of asthma. Each of the children’s asthma grew worse until all of them were on pharmaceutical medication to control the asthma attacks.

Because Susan worked in the pharmaceutical industry she was aware of the negative long term side effects. Susan began trying different alternative therapies in an effort to control her children’s asthma. She did not have much success. Some seemed to help a little but still the children needed to remain on their medications. Her children’s asthma seemed to be getting worse, and Susan became more anxious and worried she would not be able to help her children.

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 Whenever you try something new, there are always questions.

Lars Rubeck , founder of AllergiStop

Lars Rubeck, founder of AllergiStop

Does it work?

Is it safe?

Is it a good value for my money?





Evidence of AllergiStop’s effectiveness is anecdotal at this point.  But the anecdotal evidence of AllergiStop’s effectiveness is plentiful and powerful.  AllergiStop has been used in Denmark for over 20 years and in the US by registered health care practitioners.  It has treated over 20 thousand people.

There have been articles in magazines, newspapers, and TV programs all done on AllergiStop (named SensiStop in Denmark) and it’s effectiveness.  Some have commented that the results achieved were due primarily to a placebo effect.  We investigated this claim by conducting a number of studies with licensed veterinarians.  The reason vets and animals were used is an animal simply can not participate in the placebo effect.

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