Weather Makes Symptoms Worse for Allergy Sufferers

This year has seen an increase of people visiting the doctors for allergies, just due to changes in weather. Regardless of the season, allergies symptoms can arise for just about anyone that suffers from allergies. But why does the weather make a difference? Natural allergy medication may be what you need to help permanently relieve allergies.

Mild Weather: The most common times for allergy symptoms to occur are during times where the weather is mild. Warmer winters can bring an earlier start to spring weather, which causes conditions for increased pollination. Mold can also be a problem with mild winters with the combination of warmer weather and rain.

Rain: Springtime brings blooming flowers and trees, resulting in increased allergy symptoms, but you might find some natural allergy relief during spring showers, which reduces pollen counts. As a result, plants and grass will continue to grow, which will bring increased pollen counts.

Dry Weather: Summers are typically the worst because dry, warm conditions allow for pollen to thrive, which can make for a long season. Dry weather tends to dry out normally moist sinuses more and can affect those susceptible to allergies.

Cold Weather: Some allergy sufferers can be susceptible to hives during colder seasons. Asthma can also be a problem because air isn’t being warmed quickly enough, which can cause coughing, wheezing and asthma attacks.

Natural allergy medication can help permanently relieve allergies for those suffering from allergy symptoms. Made with certified organic herbs, AllergiStop, our natural allergy remedy,  needs to be taken for a short time and you can have freedom from allergies. Contact us today to learn more about how our treatment works and to see for yourself how much of a difference taking AllergiStop will make.

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