When Allergies Suddenly Develop

People developing allergies later in life comes as a very common occurrence, but experts aren’t sure why this happens or why people become susceptible to allergens they have been surrounded by their whole life. You may not realize that the sneezing and itchy, watery eyes during spring may actually be allergies, and if you’ve never had them before it might come as a surprise to you if your doctor diagnoses you with allergies. What is the mystery behind this and can natural allergy medication help relieve allergy symptoms?

It is possible to develop allergies at any age, but typically most people develop adult-onset allergies in their twenties and thirties and there are some theories as to why this occurs. A possible theory is one that suggests that the cleaner you are, the more likely you will be susceptible to allergens. More recently, babies’ immune systems are not being exposed to many allergens; when the body is not exposed to pollen, dust or mold, you body may not fully develop the ability to fight allergy symptoms, leaving their immune system hypersensitive to seemingly harmless substances later on in life.

If your parents have allergies, you may also have more of a tendency to develop them later on. It’s about a one in three chance you may develop allergies if your family has them too. Not being exposed to allergies as a child and being introduced to them as an adult, such as your partner having a dog or cat that exposes you to animal dander, can also be a product of adult onset allergies.

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