Why Are Allergies Becoming More Prevalent?

Allergies are become more common worldwide and it is predicted that it will only get worse. The estimated number of people suffering from allergies worldwide is 400 million, many of which are allergic to more than one allergen. There are many factors that can contribute to this worldwide increase and it’s no surprise that physicians and scientists are collaborating to address social, medical and economic problems associated with worldwide allergies.   The allergy medication industry is now worth somewhere around five billion dollars a year, and continues to grow each year, as allergies increase.

There are several factors that are contributing to the increase in allergies suggested by the World Allergy Organization including climate and environmental changes and pollution. The loss of trees due to urban expansion is creating spaces for other pollen producing plants to spread across larger areas. Studies have also shown that pollution has a direct impact on the health of an individual as well as allergens. Pollution has an effect on pollen that increases the occurrence for those allergens to penetrate airways and to induce allergic reactions. CO2 production also increases the plants ability to produce pollen, resulting in larger concentrations of allergens throughout cities.

Each year the pharmaceutical industry spends millions on advertising to promote new formulations of the same over the counter medications that claim to provide relief.  Why?   A common problem for people that suffer with persistent allergies is the loss of effectiveness of their medications.  So pharmaceutical companies regularly come up with variations to regain effectiveness.  But they have never brought out medication that will cure your allergies only control them.

More and more people have become tired of struggling with allergies and the only relief is drugs with heavy side effects.  Each year more people start a search for a  natural allergy medication rather than over-the-counter medication to combat their allergy symptoms.

Many people who suffer from allergies take measures to avoid being outside during days with high pollen counts, or to prevent allergens in and around their homes, but many times this simply isn’t enough. No matter how much you wash your sheets in hot water, dust your home or avoid the outdoors, you can’t get rid or eliminate all of the allergens.  The best you can hope for, even with extreme vigilance and effort, is to reduce the allergens, but you can’t eliminate all of them.

Allergens are here to stay, but it is possible to be free of symptoms by taking the all natural allergy medication AllergiStop. This unique natural formula offers permanent allergy relief from the toughest allergy symptoms and only needs to be taken for a limited amount of time.   With thousands treated, AllergiStop will eliminate the need to constantly purchase over the counter medication.

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